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The ART of Getting Along Part 1

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Part I


Getting along is an art! It’s a balance between good clear systems and strong relationship tools. And I would like to propose here that how well everyone is getting along may be one of the best ways to measure success in your co-op or New Commonwealth School.

Good, clear systems and strong relationship tools can be acquired, but first, you must understand the reasons behind them.

Relationships: What is more important than the support and strength that a great co-op gives to the families that attend?

Strengthening a family, now that might be at the pinnacle of success! And if we are not getting along with one another then I can draw a direct line to moms and kids not being strengthened and supported. That in turn does not help the family in their ability to homeschool. It can actually harm the ability of that family to create the kind of education each individual child needs.

Language is important, and we can use it to build or tear down. It hides or exposes, we can be vulnerable or protective, and we can use it to give and to receive.

I can boil relationships down to one key. Listen! Listen with your heart, listen to understand, and listen to provide support. Listen because people need to be validated. They need to know that what they have to say is important. That their brain and their heart have value to those around them. If you are thinking, "What if they are wrong?" Then I am going to tell you that you are listening for the wrong reasons. This isn't about whether they are right or wrong. It is about whether or not they were heard. Listen first, hear their feelings, their frustrations, their passions, and their needs. It starts with you! 😘 You can change the heart of your group one conversation at a time. So tell me below, how are you going to be a better listener today?

A really great co-op or Commonwealth school, the kind that people talk about and invite their friends and acquaintances to attend, is one that has great academic experiences for the children and the parents, yes, but it is also one that has great relationships! It’s a place where the leadership shows by example that they love and care about the people in the group. They express their appreciation in a myriad of ways and (love) languages. They listen better than they talk and their highest goal is to serve.

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