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Rave Reviews

Supporting Homeschooling Communities 

for over 20 years!

Clarksville, TN

"Since you came to Tennessee our group has run so much more effectively! All of the moms that came to the seminar have really stepped up and sought out more involvement. 

We work hard to cast vision but when you come out it finally clicks what we can become. 

Our events committee chairman has a meeting planned now to discuss our events. She has an agenda and includes a debrief on it.

Our JMT (a few days after you came out) was on fire about what they can do in their classrooms and how to make sure we are ready for voting this spring. 

I went from planning for 4 of our core classes and teaching one, teaching a LOL class, being Junior director, Parent rep., and finalizing our constitution- to hardly having anything to do because our moms see now how capable they are of truly leading in the classroom and in CLAC. 

And I have set time to focus on CLAC and work more on relationships and my son studies now that there are boundaries on my time. 

Live training feels like a hard thing. Like we are really going to have to sell it to our families and then put in the work of hosting it. But the payoff is so worthwhile!!"

Thanks again Brenda!

Denver, CO

"Homeschooling is hard, even under the best of circumstances, and most of us don’t have all the support we need.  One of my best supports is our Commonwealth School.  It is at Founders that I feel validated in my struggles, assured that I’m not ruining my children, and get to rub shoulders with like-minded friends.  Wednesdays are crazy, but it’s the “good crazy” because I come home grateful for each of you and ready to keep plugging away at home schooling. 

I happen to know that Brenda has a vision for Commonwealth Schools to dot our country and to help strengthen homeschooling families.  Brenda is wonderful at what she does and I’m sure you will find an hour or so spent with her will be time well-spent.  I’ve never walked away from anything Brenda does wishing I hadn’t made the time."

Cedar City, UT

"Even in a group of wonderful homeschool families who love each other, it is amazing how many difficult issues arise. NCS has helped our commonwealth become more grounded in who we are and how we run things. From re-energizing us through seminars to mentoring us through rewriting our constitution, to personally advising our chair, Brenda Hawes and the NCS crew have supported our growth and success. It is one thing to get general information but quite another to have individualized coaching from experienced, knowledgeable mentors. Brenda especially has a gift for seeing the root of a problem, knowing how to resolve it, and then providing guidance every step of the way as we fix it. She has tremendous wisdom and compassion. I highly recommend NCS services as the antidote to commonwealth drama and waning vision."

"Thank you so much, Brenda.  You do such a great job with your trainings.  They are so inspiring and helpful." 



Kaisie :) UT

"This training provides years of wisdom and experience for the beginning school. Brenda helps you avoid mistakes at the beginning. Definitely worthwhile!"  

- Leah, AZ

"If you want to create a lasting Commonwealth School built on a firm foundation, this is the training you need to take."


– Tanya, CO

"All of the years of wisdom on everything from finances to handling locations and difficult situations..."

- Chelsea, VA

"I have been involved in starting a commonwealth, starting a large organization, and now a new commonwealth. Training is important to help set goals and determine priorities. Meeting the needs of the families is very important and determining what those are takes some training."

– Moira, WA

"If you want to build a commonwealth, you don't have to figure it out alone. Get a mentor who has been there and can help you avoid pitfalls and knows from experience what works. Brenda is an expert Commonwealth builder and helping people build their own communities is her passion. You need to talk to her! She will help you to find your next steps."

– Alysia, TX

"We just completed commonwealth training with Brenda Haws, owner of New Commonwealth Schools (NCS). It was FANTASTIC and so INSPIRING!  We came together as a community and left more united. Brenda Haws believes in and teaches forms that give you and your commonwealth the greatest chance for success. However, she also recognizes that we are all at different points along the way to implementing each piece of the puzzle. She is gifted with insight to help on a personal level. Her positive, loving, logical, and uplifting way of reaching the one engenders confidence in self and community.

If you are leading a commonwealth or any community of learners, or if you feel the call to start one and are looking for a mentor, I can't more highly recommend Brenda. She is amazing!!  Contact her on her Facebook page for New Commonwealth Schools."
-Janalyn, OR

"I woke up this morning with your voice going through my head remembering what you said about the 80/20 principle.  When we listen to understand, and the person knows and feels that we understand, then they can relax enough to think and communicate.  I don’t know if thats why you actually said, but through your teaching, I got this message for me and it was wonderful.  I know I need to apply the "listening to understand" principle in my commonwealth and with my loved ones so we can shift to a higher vibration.  

You do a terrific job with your trainings.  I’m amazed at your brain and how you think.  Absolutely brilliant!  Thank you for being so you!  I love you! God bless and looking forward to seeing you again!"





Thank you so much.  It was so nice to have you cast the vision so clearly and boldly.  I know it did much to help us get all going the same direction on many points.  I loved spending the time and gleaning from your insight and experience."

-Emily, UT

"I absolutely recommend Brenda Haws. She guided us in setting up our Commonwealth school and she is wonderful! I also recommend checking out Curriculum Square, as they have wonderful classes that other moms have written for their Commonwealth schools, and they are really great!"

-Tracie, NM

"Good morning, Beautiful! 
I was talking to ...yesterday she talked about how wonderful the training was on Saturday, and how she cried because she thought it was so needed.  I'm sure I will continue to hear many more fabulous things about your training when I go to the Commonwealth.  You are doing great work!"

- Melanie, UT

"Hi, Brenda! 

Today was our Commonwealth day and I can't tell you how many awesome things are snowballing as a result of your training. It's so exciting!


I had one mom say she was feeling so fulfilled that she wants to continue teaching at the school AFTER her children graduate!!!! 

Another mom said she loved everything she does for Commonwealth and that she wishes she could make it her full time job! 

... said she feels that she should help me more with the written documents. Yay!


-Tiffany, VA

"Brenda Haws is amazing at teaching how to start a co-op!"

-Nancy, ID

"Brenda Haws is a genius at helping people set up the homeschool community they want."

-Kaylee, UT

"It will help you see the purpose and the how."

– Katie

"The forms and systems of NCS make my job as  torchbearer so much easier!"

- Celeste, AZ

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