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A New Commonwealth School is a group of like-minded homeschooling families that gather together once a week for classes and projects that benefit the students and the parents. A New Commonwealth School is a family school.


The community becomes "tribal" in nature because of the close-knit feel and structure of support and confidence that it gives its members.


They are designed for longevity and will outlast the original founders while preserving the original vision and mission and structure.


They serve the community and strengthen the education for all the families involved, while allowing full autonomy.


They are inexpensive because they are based on a highly trained-volunteer system.

They supply positive-peer support for home-schooled children, youth and parents that inspires them to learn and grow and become all they are meant to become through fantastic mentoring and motivating educational methods.


There are currently over 50 well established New Commonwealth Schools in the United States, with many more on the rise.  Will you be one of them?


A New Commonwealth School receives coaching and support in:

  • Financial planning

  • Parent mentoring

  • Board Members and structure

  • Members vs Participants

  • How to handle the difficult human relations "stuff"

  • Location

  • Marketing your school

  • Building your team

  • Documents that protect your vision and you and much more!

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