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Strengthening and Supporting Homeschool Families


What is a New Commonwealth School?


A once a week school that is owned and operated by the families that run it.  It is a model of a homeschool co-op that is designed to last 20 or more years.  The school is eventually run by an elected board that governs based on written documents that protect the founder’s original vision of educational philosophy and the vision and mission of the school. An NCS is run on a volunteer system.  Each family that participates gets to put their “Parent Power” into the school and see it run effectively and efficiently thanks to systems, roles, and stewardships.  

A New Commonwealth School is all of this, but it is most importantly a place where the homeschool family feels supported and strengthened and everyone (youth and adults alike) is increasing their educational capacities while interacting with amazing peers. It is a positive educational culture!

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What Clients Are Saying

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Clarksville, TN

Since you came to Tennessee our group has run so much more effectively! All of the moms that came to the seminar have really stepped up and sought out more involvement. 

Our JMT (a few days after you came out) was on fire about what they can do in their classrooms and how to make sure we are ready for..." See More

Client 6
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Denver, CO

"Homeschooling is hard, even under the best of circumstances, and most of us don’t have all the support we need.  One of my best supports is our Commonwealth School.  It is at Founders that I feel validated in my struggles, assured that I’m not ruining my children, and get to rub shoulders with like-minded friends.  Wednesdays are crazy,..." See More

Client 6
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Cedar City, UT

"Even in a group of wonderful homeschool families who love each other, it is amazing how many difficult issues arise. NCS has helped our commonwealth become more grounded in who we are and how we run things. From re-energizing us through seminars to mentoring us through rewriting our constitution, to personally advising our chair,..." See More

Client 6


893 Cantera Dr., Washington, UT 84780


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